PhD Greens PH-7 30 Serves Pomegranate


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A blend of 22 greens and fruit extracts Spirulina, wheat grass and chlorella Full of naturally occuring micronutrients Portects from oxidative stress Maintains a healthy immune system Greens pH-7 is a targeted superfood blend. PhD Nutrition utilise a blend of 22 whole foods, fruit extracts, vegetable extracts and fruit fibres, to provide a product that is a vital addition to any nutritional plan. Greens pH-7 contains spirulina and wheat grass, which provide naturally occurring chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Along with fruit powders such as acerola berry, known for providing one of the richest, natural sources of vitamin C, greens pH-7 also contains chlorella, the famous “Green Algae”. Alongside green vegetable extracts, Greens pH-7 also contains fruit extracts such as pomegranate, apple fibre, tomato, elderberry and blueberry and is ideal for followers of an alkaline diet.


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