International Protein Carni Strip 150 Serves Strawberry Kiwi


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International Protein Carni Strip – Energy & Recovery Catalyst Great for bodybuilders who stress their livers and people who are carb sensitive. Boosts Energy Increases Fat Burning Improves Muscle Contraction L-carnitine is found in different forms in different parts of the body. Carni-Strip provides L-carnitine in the forms that it is found in all parts of the body – muscle, heart and brain. It also contains more stable forms of carnitine that L-carnitine, so it doesn’t ‘melt’ and smell like fish after a few days.The additional ingredients in Carni-Strip support the energy production processes, glucose utilisation and support nerve function for correct muscle contractions Take 1.5g (1/3 SCOOP) mixed with 200ml of water 15-20 minutes before training or intense exercise. Also, suitable for use during training or added to your post recovery drink.


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