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Indulge yourself with the crisp, fruity, refreshing experience of Vaper Empire’s Berry Chill e-liquid. Opening with the sweet accompaniment of Blueberries & Blackberries and backed with an invigorating hint of icy coolness, Berry Chill is as fresh as a morning orchard. The characteristic delivery of our Berry Chill blend is delightful highlighted with its full, dark, fruity tones while rewardingly cleansing with its subtle hint of menthol backing. This one is not just for the menthol fans. Be pleasantly surprised by the mass appeal of Berry Chill. Every fine draw of your vapour device, paired with the refined combination of Berry Chill, will be a welcomed reminder that this eliquid, along with each and every Vaper Empire blend, is a product of unsurpassed excellence. Strict in our use of only the highest quality of pharmaceutical-class nicotine and ingredients, our European TPG approved e-liquids are produced to ensure every puff of our premium eliquid is savoured with peace-of-mind. Enjoy our premium e-liquid range for longer, and more economically, with our Artisan Collection Value Pack. Create your own range of favourites or pack it full of your absolute go-to liquid.


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